Rolling stock

It is all very well having some great locomotives, but they need something to haul. On this page we'll feature the rolling stock which will be included in the 3rd edition.

This is a listing of the rolling stock to be included. As we progress we'll be adding a page for each item to give you a whole load of pictures and information on included features which they make use.


Mk1 Coaches

Vans and covered wagons

12T Fitted Van

12T Fitted Shock Van

8T Cattle wagon

10T Meat van

BR 'Presflo'

Ex-LMS 12T steel van

Flats and tankers

Conflat A diag 1/061

FFA and FGA Container Flats

Class 'A' Tanker (Esso)

Class 'A' Tanker (Regent)

Class 'A' Tanker (Shell & BP)

Class 'A' Tanker (National)

Class 'B' Tanker (Shell & BP)

14T Tanker (Express Dairy)

14T Tanker (Generic)

6-Wheel Tanker (Express Dairy)

6-Wheel Tanker (Generic)

Open wagons and Brake vans

A BR standard 16t mineral (coal) truck.

A BR standard 16t mineral (coal) truck.

A BR standard 21t mineral (coal) truck.

13T Hybar Open

Ex-PO 8 Plank Open

13T Steel Open

13T Shock Open

25T Anhydrite Hopper

Brake Van


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