Screenshots - Signal boxes

Having studied the route it became apparent that the 'standard' Midland signal box used along the length of the line was, in fact, anything but standard. We've been scouring books and the internet for reference information and managed to get details of almost all the boxes along the line. Using this we've tried to re-create as accurately as possible the various versions of signal boxes in use. What this means in practise is that TC3 will come with 50 new signal box models to choose from when you want to build your own route.

Below are some examples of the different types used on the route and one of the reference photos used.

(Note: these pictures were taken in surveyor on a generic base and do not represent the route placement.)

Skipton Station North
Low House Crossing
Hellifield North Junction
Hellifield South Junction
Bell Busk
Blea Moor
Settle Junction
Stainforth Sidings
Dent Head

Some of them have mistakes (soon to be fixed), did you spot them?