Screenshots - Vehicles

TC3 will include a number of new road vehicles. These can be placed as scenery objects and will also travel the roads.

All vehicles on this page were created by Andy Kemplen.

When selected, each picture will open in a new window to show a larger 800x250 image


Austin A35 Austin Mini Saloon
Austin Mini Van Austin Mini Countryman
Hillman Imp Ford Cortina
Triumph Herald Morris Minor
Jaguar Mk2 Rally cars
Land Rover *Austin A35 (crashed)
Hillman Minx MkIIIc **NEW** *Dennis Paxit dustcart **NEW**
*Ambulance **NEW** *Fire Engine **NEW**
Ford Transit Ford Transit (LWB)
Austin FC (2 and 5 ton) Ford 'D' series
Ford 'D' series (artics) **NEW** *Trailers and containers **NEW**
Leyland Leopard Leyland Leopard (PSU4)
As well as a set of these vehicles for scenery items there is another set included which have drivers and headlamps which come on at night.
(Those marked with * are not included in road traffic)