10T Meat Van

BR built 150 of these Diagram 1/250 vans in 1952, based on the standard 12T ventilated van the most obvious difference being the 4 ventilation hoods at each end. Internally hooks and racks were provided for storing the meat - in the event most meat traffic was carried in insulated containers which led to some of these vans being converted for ale carrying.


Opening doors

Doors open and close when loading/unloading.

Doors may be 'posed' in the open position in Surveyor and Driver. They will automatically be closed when either the handbrake is released or the vehicle becomes part of a train with a locomotive

Animated brake gear

The brake gear mirrors the handbrake state of the vehicle

The pictures show the handbrake on and off

Working vac pipes and screw couplings

Physics:  Physics are disabled when the vehicle is not part of a train with a locomotive (it becomes a 'scenery' object, reducing the load on the graphics engine)


Livery and weathering details:
5 different roof textures randomly selected



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