12T Fitted Van

This model represents the standard BR 12T van, 19063 examples of which were built between 1951 and 1958 to diagram 1/208. Additionally 3699 vans were built to diagram 1/213 with ply sides and doors. In theory all of the diagram 1/208 were to the same design but the early lots had Morton brakes, the later ones fully fitted 8 shoe brakegear. There were also variations with the buffers used, and it was not unusual for planked vans to be given replacement ply doors at some stage.


Opening doors

Doors open and close when loading/unloading.

Doors may be 'posed' in the open position in Surveyor and Driver. They will automatically be closed when either the handbrake is released or the vehicle becomes part of a train with a locomotive

Animated brake gear

The brake gear mirrors the handbrake state of the vehicle with a 1 in 4 chance of 8 shoe brakes, otherwise 4 shoe Morton shoes will appear

The pictures show: handbrake on with 4 shoes, handbrake off with 8 shoes

Working vac pipes and screw couplings

Physics:  Physics are disabled when the vehicle is not part of a train with a locomotive (it becomes a 'scenery' object, reducing the load on the graphics engine)


Livery and weathering details:
7 randomly selected skins and 5 different roof textures which are applied when placing the vehicle.
Skins can also be selected in the 'Properties' window for the vehicle (numbered 0-6).
There is a 1 in 20 chance that the vehicle will get replacement (clean) planked doors, a 1 in 40 chance of replacement ply doors

Clean planked sides and doors (diag 1/208)

Clean ply sides and doors (diag 1/213)

Slightly weathered planked sides and doors

Medium weathered planked sides and doors

Heavily weathered planked sides and doors

Heavily weathered ply sides and doors

Clean planked sides and doors, 1964 freight brown


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