Ex-PO 8 Plank Open Wagon

Before the introduction of the standard 16T steel mineral wagon the most common type of wagon in the UK was the wooden open wagon. Most of these had been owned by colleries and other businesses and usually had colourful 'Private Owner' liveries. Once handed over to British Railways in 1948 some were repainted plain grey but most were patched repaired as necessary using unpainted planks.


Opening doors

Doors open and close when loading/unloading.

Doors may be 'posed' in the open position in Surveyor and Driver. They will automatically be closed when either the handbrake is released or the vehicle becomes part of a train with a locomotive

Wagon tarpaulin

The wagons can be fitted with tarpaulins. These can be selected manually or will be added randomly when the wagons are placed. There are three shades of grey for the tarpaulins. They can be added individually or can be added to, or removed from, a whole train at once.

Animated brake gear

The brake gear mirrors the handbrake state of the vehicle

The pictures show the handbrake on and off

Working vac pipes and screw couplings

Physics:  Physics are disabled when the vehicle is not part of a train with a locomotive (it becomes a 'scenery' object, reducing the load on the graphics engine)


Livery and weathering details:
4 different textures are randomly selected when placed or can be assigned individually. There are also three tarpaulin shades randomly selected.




Unpainted (weathered)


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