FFA and FGA wagons

As originally built in the 1960s these were fixed rakes of 5 wagons; an FGA, 3 FFAs and another FGA. Pairs and threes were also seen on boat train services. These fixed rakes could be coupled together to form longer trains when required.

Alternate versions:
This wagon has four versions. The FFA is for within the block train, whilst the FGA is for the ends where coupling to locomotives or other wagon types is required. There are also shoe and disk braked versions
Shoe brakes and disk brakes



Container loads

Containers are added or removed at appropriate industries to represent the load of the wagons.

See below for more details.

Animated brake gear

The brake gear will animate (the handle will spin) to show the handbrake being applied or removed.

Working air pipes and screw couplings

Automatic tail lamp

The tail lamp will be added automatically when the wagon knows it is the last vehicle in a train.

Physics:  Physics are disabled when the vehicle is not part of a train with a locomotive (it becomes a 'scenery' object, reducing the load on the graphics engine)


Livery and weathering details:
This wagon is represented in blue and black livery. These are both heavily weathered though so the main colour is a dirty brown.





The wagon can be loaded with 20' 30' or 40' containers. You can also load any valid combination.

Container liveries are randomly selected from the available skins for the type. I haven't counted how many alternate liveries of containers there are, but there's 'lots' of them.

2 x 30' containers
40' + 20' containers
3 x 20' containers
3 x 20' (alternate liveries)
2 x 30' (alternate liveries)


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