Class 37

The first order for what was to become BR's standard type 3 locomotive was for just 42 machines,however the production run eventually reached 309 over a 5 year period. First delivered in November 1960 they soon became a common sight throughout the country. This model was created by David Dallaston (PikkaBird) originally for TRS2004. It was updated for TRS2006 and has been updated again for Trainz Classics 3.

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Alternate versions:
This locomotive comes with two separate versions. One with a single headcode box and another with the split headcode boxes.
Single headcode
Split headcode
Livery and weathering details: (click for a larger image)
BR green livery in clean condition with small yellow warning panels or with full yellow ends.

Choice of different numbers, these are randomly allocated or can be manually selected

BR green livery

Warning panels

BR green livery

Full yellow ends


Accurate physics

Engine config by Alastair Dussart (Beanpole).
Authentic whistle and engine sounds by David Dallaston (Pikkabird) and Don Woodman (Wulf_9), from original recordings by Craig Allan and Andy Slater.

Working vac pipes and screw couplings

(The same system implemented on the wagons)

Changeable headcodes

Both front and rear illuminated
headcodes can be changed
in Surveyor and Driver
(Single and split-headcode loco versions shown here)

Headcode command compatible support for the headcode driver command

Crew figures

Animated driving crew figures look around and out of the windows.

Crew figures

Driving crew automatically changes to the 'forward' end of the loco.

Marker lights and tail lamps.

Marker lights and tail lamps light automatically dependent upon direction of travel and whether running light engine.

Shown off and as tail lamps


Detail pictures (click for a larger image)


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