Class 40

A total of 200 of these locomotives were built between 1958 and 1962. Fitted with 2,000hp English Electric engines they were intended for express passenger work and were provided with steam-heat boilers for the purpose. They were to be found in many areas of the country during the 1960s. The locomotives were built with, or modified to have, a number of different features for train reporting. These different nose features are included in the models which will be included in TC3. This locomotive was built by Rob Hill (Lielestosbrat).

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Alternate versions:
This locomotive comes with three separate versions. One with a single headcode box,one with the split headcode boxes and a third with the headcode disks.
Single headcode
Split headcode
Disk headcode
Livery and weathering details: (click for a larger image)
The loco has three different livery variations. This, combined with the alternate nose treatments, gives a total of 9 separate locos to be included.

Choice of different numbers, these are randomly allocated or can be manually selected
BR green livery
Roof details
Green Livery
Green with small yellow warning panels
Green with full yellow ends

Working vac pipes and couplings

(The same system implemented on the wagons)

Changeable headcodes

Both front and rear illuminated
headcodes and/or disks can be changed
in Surveyor and Driver or via the driver command.

Crew figures

Animated driving crew figures look around and out of the windows.

Crew figures

Driving crew automatically changes to the 'forward' end of the loco.

Tail lamps.

Tail lamps light automatically dependent upon direction of travel and whether running light engine.

Frost grills.

When placed there will be a 50% chance of the locomotive having frost grills. (This can be changed manually also)

Nose ladders .

When placed there will be a 20% chance of the locomotive having nose ladders. (This can be changed manually also)

Headcode command compatible support for the headcode driver command
Automatic wipers . Windscreen wipers will start when it rains.
Fuel usage . The locomotives will use, and require, diesel fuel.


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