Fowler 4F 0-6-0

This locomotive was introduced in 1911 by the Midland Railway and with detail alterations was adopted as the standard medium size goods engine of the later London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS). Construction continued up to 1942 and the class eventually totalled 772. They operated almost to the end of the steam era, the last examples were working up to 1966.

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Livery and weathering details: (click for a larger image)
BR Black livery dirty condition

Choice of 6 different numbers, these are randomly allocated or can be manually selected
BR Black livery

Animated reverser

An animated reverser lever that responds to the DCC dial and to the reverser setting in cab mode

Working vac pipes and screw couplings

(The same system implemented on the wagons)
Authentic whistle and engine sounds by Tony Weber
Changeable headcodes
Both front and rear illuminated
headcode lamps can be changed
in Surveyor and Driver
Headcode command compatible support for the headcode driver command

Working internal motion

Left / Right drive

Either left or right hand drive can be selected.

Tender tail lamps.

Headcode lamps (including tail lamps for running light engine) are selectable.

Tender coal rails

Select whether to have coal rails.

Animated water filler

Filler may be 'posed' in the open position in Surveyor and Driver.

Custom cab

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