BR standard 9F 2-10-0

The BR Standard 9F is the largest and last design of steam locomotive built for British Railways. The class was introduced in 1954 and designed at Brighton works. A total of 251 locomotives where built from January 1954 to March 1960. The locomotive represented is based on those found on the BR Eastern Region. This model is by Rob Hill (lielestosbrat). Based on his previous release, it has been updated and improved for TC3. It now has smaller, higher quality, textures and a reduced poly count whilst also incorporating new improvements and features.

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Alternate locomotive versions:
This locomotive comes with two separate versions. One with a single chimney and another with the double chimney.
Single chimney
Double chimney
Alternate tender versions:

Alternate tenders

Four different tenders in both early and late liveries.

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Livery and weathering details: (click for a larger image)
BR Black livery in weathered condition with early and late crests.

Choice of different numbers, randomly chosen or selectable.
BR Black livery in weathered condition

Working vac pipes and couplings

(The same system implemented on the wagons)
Authentic whistle and engine sounds by Tony Weber

Selectable numbering
Running numbers can be changed and will update on smokebox door and cab-side.

(They are selected randomly from the range when the loco is placed)

Changeable headcodes

Both front and rear illuminated
headcode lamps can be changed
in Surveyor and Driver
Correct shedplates

When one of the 49 configured numbers are selected the shedplate will be changed to reflect the correct allocation for that loco.
Headcode command compatible support for the headcode driver command
Animated water scoop Deployed automatically when using the water troughs. A water level indicator is fitted to each tender and visible from the cab view.

Tender tail lamps.

Headcode lamps (including tail lamps for running light engine) are selectable.

Animated roof vent.

The roof vent can be set in one of three positions.

Animated side windows.

Both the left and right-hand windows can be set in one of three positions.

Tender filler cover.

The tender filler hatch can be opened and closed.

Custom cab

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