Stanier 5MT 'Black 5' 4-6-0

Designed by William Stanier and arguably one the best known of all British steam locomotives a total of 842 of this class were constructed over the course of 17 years. These locomotives were used with the standard LMS 4,000 gallon tenders, the same as used with the 8F. This locomotive model was constructed and textured by David Dallaston (Pikkabird) and Paul Hobbs.

Note: all pictures on this page are 'in-game' shots.

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Livery and weathering details: (click for a larger image)
BR Black livery in clean, dirty, or rusty condition

Choice of 7 different numbers, randomly selected
BR Black livery in clean condition
BR Black livery in rusty condition
BR Black livery that's just dirty

Auto tender livery selection

When placed the tender livery will automatically match that of the loco.

Working vac pipes and couplings

(The same system implemented on the wagons)
Changeable headcodes

Both front and rear illuminated headcode lamps can be changed in Surveyor and Driver

Headcode command compatible support for the headcode driver command. Allows headcodes to be changed by means of a command in driver sessions by the AI drivers.
Cab This uses the cab for the 8F


Both AWS fitted and non-AWS fitted versions are selectable.


Click the picture to download (4.8 MB)
This will download version 10 - kuid2:2512:555:11
Revision history.
Version 6 - disabled shutting off main steam block when coasting (not working in cab mode)
Version 7 - changed kuid of numbers texture group from 44090:57086 to 44090:57090; fixed art icon; optimised shadow file
Version 8 - Added lined version and various minor changes
Version 9 - Corrected lamp positions and script changes
Version 10 - Corrected sound synchronisation
Version 11 (lined - version 4) - Corrected problem with multiple front bogies being displayed


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