On this page you will find the Service Pack, fixes, and updated versions of the included assets.

Right-Click the links and 'Save-As' to download the files.

Service Pack

Trainz Classics 3 - Service Pack

This patch will update to build 3529 and includes the following fixes and enhancements.

This patch is for build 3517 ONLY, you can check your current build number in the bottom right-hand corner of the main TC3 menu screen.

  • Pre v2.8 steam locos are now drivable
  • AI can now brake properly when driving a steam loco
  • Signals that are not configured always-controlled are no longer being accidentally set always-controlled
  • Curve drag calculations have been corrected for extremely tight curves and kinks
  • The AI 'ride' sessions have been improved, and now run much more reliably
  • Most of the full route 'drive' sessions now feature scoring of progress
  • Shadows have been improved on a number of locos and wagons
  • A number of config file errors in included assets have been corrected
  • The class 40 locos have been enhanced, and now feature correct nameplates on named examples
  • The Windows have been cleaned on the Class 24 cab
  • New 2 Cylinder Stephenson valve gear sound for Aspinall and Jinty
  • Improved 3 Cylinder sound for Gresley A3 loco
  • New whistle sound for Aspinall loco
  • Aspinall loco Coal and Water capacity corrected
  • MCO and MCV wagons now support the Max Permitted Speed rule
  • Texture mapping on Skipton platform canopies has been improved
  • The white underframe on the Blue/Grey Mk1 BFK has been corrected
  • The safety valve position on the Britannia loco has been corrected
You should be able to install this patch over a previously run copy, no need to re-install.

You shouldn't lose your custom and downloaded content, you could back it your 'local' folder just in case though.

All included fixes that were previously on this page have now been removed as they are included in the patch.


36 MB



Industry assets - bug fix

This updated script is to resolve the problem where you receive an error when attempting to modify the starting amount of a product in the industry details screen.

You will need to follow these instructions exactly in order to use this fix.

  • Download the new common.gs script from the link on the right (Right-click and 'save link as' or 'Save target as')
  • Copy the updated common.gs file into the scripts folder (replacing the current one)
  • Edit the trainzclassicoptions.txt file and add "-script" (without the quotes) onto the bottom of the file
  • Start TC3 (It will recompile the scripts so will take a few seconds longer than usual)
  • Check you can change the start amount of an industry
  • Close TC3 and edit the trainzclassicoptions.txt file to remove the "-script" line

We've been testing this and it should be very safe, but if you want to create yourself a 'fallback position' make a copy of your current trainzclassicoptions.txt, common.gs file and the entire 'libraries' folder that you can copy back in if something does go wrong.


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Content Updates

In this section you will find updated versions of the included assets. These updates may be to fix issues, increase features, or just to update meshes or artwork. Whenever possible they will obsolete the previous versions by replacing them with a higher kuid version number.

Right-Click the links and 'Save-As' to download the files. Once downloaded either drag/drop the file into an open CMP window, double-click the .cdp file in explorer, or 'Import -> CDPs' in CMP.


To download all the following files as a single archive file click Here. (last updated 25th September 2009 - 41 MB)


ACSLib update

This update for the ACSLib resolves a problem with the coupling of the vacuum pipes.


24th Aug 2008 Download

47 KB
MCV wagon update

This updates the MCVs to use the ACS coupling system instead of the previous 'Bluestar' system. (MCO pictured)


24th Aug 2008 Download

165 KB
Gresley A3 engine spec

This updates the engine spec for the Gresley A3 locomotive.


3rd Oct 2008 Download

36 KB
Fowler 4F locomotive

This updates changes the enginesound to Stephenson 2 Cylinder from Tony Weber; improved shadow file; retextured cab interior; changed names of cylinder drain attachment points to a.drain0 and a.drain1

kuid2:44090:1016:22, kuid2:44090:57076:2

3rd Oct 2008

Use later

version below

Stanier 8F locomotive

This is a number of updates and improvements to the locomotive;

fixed cylinder drain pfx; corrected opacity of windows; added cab doors; welded smokebox and boiler together; new footplate mesh with cutout under boiler; corrected mapping of handrails and pipework (was clean when skin was rusty); reanimated valve gear in forward gear with bones; improved shadow file

kuid2:44090:1042:20, kuid2:44090:50047:4, kuid2:44090:50048:5

3rd Oct 2008

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version below

Class 24 locomotive

This is a change to all the built-in models to correct the old style BlueStar tags so that they couple correctly to exiting BlueStar stock

kuid:44090:132, kuid2:141830:24001:20, kuid2:141830:24035:2, kuid2:141830:24041:22, kuid2:141830:24045:19

3rd Oct 2008

Use later

version below

Class 24 locomotive

This is a fix for the offset cab position in the update above.

kuid:44090:132, kuid2:141830:24001:20, kuid2:141830:24035:2, kuid2:141830:24041:23, kuid2:141830:24045:19, kuid2:60850:89100:5

11th Oct 2008

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version below

'Morning Commuter' session

This is a fix for the 'Morning Commuter' session.

The original session was reported as faulty due to a failure to run round a consist at Hellifield.   

This one also includes a new run round at Settle, since the original included the 4F driving through one corner of a Mk1 coach.


12th Feb 2009 Download

200 KB
Class 37 locomotives

This update is for all the green liveried built-in Class 37 locomotives

kuid2:2512:2372:21, kuid2:2512:2373:21, kuid2:44090:1070:22, kuid2:44090:1071:22

12th Feb 2009 Download

3.7 MB
Fowler 3500 gallon tender

This update resolves a problem with the function and location of the water scoop


10th Apr 2009 Download

560 KB
Industry process rate fixes

This update is for three of the included industries which suffer from the product process rate issue.

  • S&C Appleby dairy
  • S&C Granite Loader
  • S&C Long Meg Mine Loader

kuid2:35412:28116:4, kuid2:35412:28256:4, kuid2:35412:28244:4

10th Apr 2009 Download

1.2 MB

'Presflo' wagons

This update is for all the built-in 'Presflo' wagons.

This update is for the livery textures and to make the bogies change texture to match the weathering state of the wagon body.

Also included are updated versions of the ACS couplings and pipes which are used on these items.

kuid2:60850:89100:5, kuid2:44090:15092:6, kuid2:44090:57072:3, kuid2:44090:50077:4, kuid2:44090:57074:2, kuid2:44090:15093:6, kuid2:44090:57073:3, kuid2:44090:15084:12, kuid2:44090:57010:4, kuid2:44090:10:3, kuid2:44090:57096:1, kuid2:44090:60000:2, kuid2:2512:14:3, kuid2:2512:12:2, kuid2:44090:60001:2, kuid2:2512:13:2, kuid2:2512:27:3, kuid2:2512:26:3, kuid2:44090:57099:1, kuid2:44090:57097:1, kuid2:44090:57098:1, kuid2:44090:4:1

Note: These are the corrected versions which no longer affect the Black 5 textures and have resolved the issue with the LOD on the ACS pipes.

24th Apr 2009 Download

12 MB
BR Standard 9F

This pack fixes the low speed sound of the 9Fs so there are now 4 chuffs in all the speed ranges.

kuid2:101839:1046:4, kuid2:101839:1047:4, kuid2:101839:52044:4

15th May 2009 Download

3 MB
Aspinall Saddle Tank locomotive

This update includes script changes to improve headcode lamps.


15th May 2009

Use later

version below

Fowler 3F locomotive

This update includes script changes to improve headcode lamps.


15th May 2009 Download

4.5 MB
Fowler 4F locomotive

This update includes script changes to improve headcode lamps.


15th May 2009 Download

5 MB
Stanier 8F locomotive

This update includes script changes to improve headcode lamps.


15th May 2009 Download

1.1 MB
Leyland Leopard coach

This update corrects an error with the coach's livery on the rear and off-side.


29th May 2009 Download

72 KB
Aspinall Saddle Tank locomotive

This update adds some missing attachment points.


18th Sep 2009 Download

2.8 MB
Britannia locomotive

This update adds four new names to the available selection and resolves the issue of cab-side numbers being overlaid on the last update. There is also a correction of dependency references from the previous update.


25th Sep 2009 Download

1.9 MB
Lime works industry

This update adds the scripting to make this asset 'industry active'. It will automatically replace the lime worksin the routes and can also be added to your own new routes.

NOTE: you will also need to download the Limestone aggregate product from the DLS, click here to do that.


25th Dec 2009 Download

800 KB
Cattle dock industry

This update adds the capability to load and unload cattle at these cattle docks. There are 3, 4, and 5 pen docks in the pack.

These will automatically replace the cattle docks in the routes and can also be added to your own new routes.

Documentation can be downloaded here

kuid2:35412:28221:7, kuid2:35412:28220:7, kuid2:35412:28219:7

25th Dec 2009 Download

800 KB
8T Cattle Wagon

This is a change to prevent the debug script messages that are being seen by some users.


30th Jan 2010 Download

230 KB
Class 24 locomotive

This update is for all four of the Class 24 locomotives included in TC3.

Numbering has been fixed and a texture has been replaced on the roof grill

kuid:44090:132, kuid2:141830:24001:21, kuid2:141830:24035:4, kuid2:141830:24041:24, kuid2:141830:24045:20

30th Jan 2010 Download

6 MB
Class 24 locomotive

This update is for the Class 24 locomotive in green with yellow warning panels.

Correction has been made to make the disk headcodes on the lower part yellow.


4th Jun 2010 Download

1.5 MB




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