Strictly speaking not all of these are really 'frequently' asked questions, but they are questions that have been posed on the forums regarding this release of Trainz Classics. We hope that this section will help answer any questions you may have. If your question isn't answered here why not go to either the Auran or UKTrainz forums and ask there? We'll update this page with questions and answers as often as we can.

Is it a completely stand-alone game or will I need to have TRS2006 to run it?

It is a stand-alone package. You can, if you want, transfer content into it from previous versions of Trainz though.
It will have CMP to manage transfers from older versions and for managing downloading from DLS.

If you have Trainz Classics 1&2 then please follow the instruction on the 'guides' page to install TC3 and copy in the content from TC 1&2.

Will we have, in effect, a version of TRS2006, 'tailored' to the UK, but still capable of adding content to in the same way as we did before, since it includes CMP.

It will be based on the TRS2006 code with some of the bugs squished, some cleaned up code, some new features added, and only the content which is used for the route. - You will be able to add content to it using CMP in exactly the same way you can with TRS2006.

Would TRS2006 and 04 models work in it?

As in the past with new versions, some content will work without changes, others will need to be changed to get them running without problems. Of course if you want to make use of the new features then you will most likely have to make changes.
Content from TRS2004 can easily be transferred to TRS2006 without major problems and with TC3 things shouldn't be any different.
The problem we envisage at the moment may be with the lack of legacy dependancies which will mean a bit of config editing to change the dependancies to non-builtins, but that's not hard to do. I'd advise Content Creators to get started on this now instead of waiting for TC3.

Will built-in content in TRS2006 be accessible to TC3, since some of it is 'locked'?

The content that is built into TRS2006 that isn't locked you can transfer as with other content.
The locked content should be able to be transferred but it would be an all or nothing exercise as it is into TC1&2. You won't be able to pick and choose what you take over. The methods for doing it are definitely not on Auran's 'recommended' list and it is at you own peril , so you'll need to really want it IMHO.

What I would be interested to know is how will it handle content currently saved in T06. Will this need to be archived, or saved as CDP files first, or will it be possible to copy and paste content from the T06 local folder into the one in TC3? I don't really want to have both versions installed, and would prefer just to have TC3.?

You have a number of options to transfer content;
re-download the items directly into TC3,
create an archive and import that,
save the content as a cdp file and import that,
or open them for edit and import content from the editing folder.

You could copy/paste from the local folder and re-build the index, but messing in the local folder isn't recommended and I personally would be using one of the other methods outlined above as they have more control over what is going in. The local folder is not exactly easy to manage directly.
All the usual caveats about 'you may have to fix errors' apply.

I mainly use TRS2004, is it one of those cases where I should get everything into TRS2006 using CMP now, and then use that to pull everything into TC3 when it is released or do I wait until TC3 comes out and do it then?

All your content (apart from the stuff you made yourself and put in \custom) is in dispatcher\downloads.
If you know the kuids of the content you want to transfer over then you can copy those into a folder and use the CMP in TC3 to 'import content' so there is an '04 to TC3 method.
There's the issue that you may need to resolve errors that occur for content which does not meet the requirements of TC3 CMP as you would when going from '04 to '06.
It could be a wise time investment to fix some of those errors now by moving them into '06 now though. Now, or later, it is a personal choice for you really.

Will it easily patch into the Carlisle to Preston route set at 90m elevation?

Provided the Carlisle to Preston route is at the correct elevation it should be possible. There will be overlapping of the routes in the vicinity of Carlisle Citadel so prior to merging some baseboards from one route would have to be removed. Moreover it is unlikely that the two routes will have matching origin points so transition boards will almost certainly be required

I'd like comprehensive instructions in a booklet please!

We will do our best to get as much relevant information into the included manual as possible. Given the complexity of Trainz we'd have to publish it in volumes to get absolutely everything in there. If information doesn't make it into a book in the game box we will have instructions for anything that's missing available either on the disc, or on the website.

What is going to happen to this website once it has been released?

This website isn't going to close down once the release day comes and we'll be using it to support the game after then.

Is TC3 going to have ONLY UK 1960s content in it ?

Pretty much, yes. All the stuff shown here on the website and relevant buildings, industries and other assets to populate the route. There will also be a small amount of content carried forward from previous versions (industries etc) to assist with building your own routes.

Are animated points used on the TC3 routes? ?

It would be good to have proper animated points. There are, however, a few things that are not ideal about the current implementation of animated points. We could have been creative, used invisible track and scenery objects for points etc. etc. and many of these ideas were tested out, but the non-standard nature of not being able to just 'click and play' of objects destined for a retail version of Trainz was a problem. A further issue is the huge number of points that would need to be made to cope with all the track configurations on the TC3 route to maintain the accuracy of the trackwork. Bearing in mind that there was no guarantees that animated points would work perfectly and perform exactly how we would want them to it was decided that the time available would be better put to use in creating something else other than animated junctions.As a team, we discussed it at length on a number of occasions and in the end decided not to use them. We would like to have seen them used. I do believe, however, that the TC3 release as a whole is better for not having them and I am confident we made the right decision to allocate our time, and Auran's resources, to other things.

Will it run on a laptop ?

It's not guaranteed that it will work unless you have a 'good' spec laptop - cheap laptops often have integrated graphics and these will not be able to cope with the demands of the program. Graphics cards such as an Nividia or an ATI with dedicated memory should give you the best chance of success. Check your laptop against the requirements.

What are the System Requirements to run this ?

Minimum System Requirements

Pentium IV 2.0Ghz (or equivalent)
64 MB 3D Graphics Card (NVIDIA GeForce or equivalent)
DirectX 9.0 or higher
Approximately 2GB of HDD Space

Usable settings:
800x600 display resolution
32 bit color depth
No shadows, low draw distance, low draw detail, low train detail.

Recommended System

Pentium IV 3.0Ghz (or equivalent)
256 MB 3D Graphics Card (NVIDIA GeForce or equivalent)
DirectX 9.0 or higher
Approximately 2GB of HDD Space

Will there be additional locos/stock available after the release from the site?

We intend to support the release by using this website to provide downloads of additional locos, rolling stock, and scenery items. This will include completely new items as well as new liveries and versions of the included content. Of course if anything needs fixing, you can get that here also.

Is TC3 going to include some more scenarios ?

TC3 will include a number of sessions. There will be versions where you will need to drive the session and ones where you can just sit back and watch the AI teach you where you need to go and what you'll need to do.

Is TC3 only going to include one route ?

Yes, and no. Whilst there is the main Skipton to Carlisle route we have also included the route broken down into three seperate sections. Sometimes you don't need the whole route and if your operations are confined to one area you need only load the section of route for that area. Each section has been fitted with both standard Portals and iPortals at each end.