On this page you will find some guides to help you make the most of Trainz Classics 3.

To download the guides, right-click the download link and 'Save As'

You can download all these guides in a single .zip file Here

CMP User Guide A guide to help with the management of content and downloading of additional assets from the Download Station using CMP Download
Content error repair A guide to help with resolving errors in content that has been flagged as 'faulty' in CMP. Download
Route transfer guide A guide to help with the process of transferring a route from TRS2006 to TC3. This guide covers the process to transfer the route and its dependencies, both built-in and custom. Download
S&C Services A guide to train services and locomotives on the S&C during the 1960s. Download
S&C Route guide An overview of the route from Skipton to Carlisle. Download
Driving the 9F A guide which covers driving the 9F locomotive on the 'Class C goods' session. Download
TC3 signalling tutorial A guide to using the new signalling system introduced with Trainz Classics 3. Download
S&C Track Plans A document containing track plans of all the stations along the S&C route included in TC3. Download
TC3 Session instructions All the instructions for the sessions gathered together so you can refer to them at any time. Download
TC3 Session Helpsheet This is a guide giving some very basic outlines to stations and platform numbers as found in TC3 in an attempt to help session builders plan out their routes without needing to keep scrolling along the length of the route when setting up driver commands. Download



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