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On this page you will find some hints and tips to help you make the most of Trainz Classics 3.


Advice on installing TC3 Advice for installing TC3 build 3517...

If you don't have TC1&2, never have had TC1&2, and you just want to install TC3, it should work fine.

If you have TC1&2 installed, and it is installed in the default location, the install should also work fine.

If it is not, one file is written in the wrong place - go to C:\program files\auran\tc and move the 'settings' folder into your actual TC installation.

If you're still having problems (like the read only file mentioned), try this (slightly more thorough) method:

  • * Back up your local content from TC1&2
  • Uninstall TC1&2
  • Run regedit.exe
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Auran\products\trainz classic\
  • Delete all the subkeys listed (will be numeric, starting at '0')
  • Close regedit.exe
  • Install TC3 (make sure it asks for a directory to install to - if it doesn't, have a look at the regedit steps again)
  • Test run TC3
  • Run install\patch\bin\auranpatcherpatchGUI.exe off the TC1&2 disk
  • Test run TC3, checking the TC1&2 content
  • Use CMP to re-import the content you backed up in step 1.
Preventing CMP from accessing the Internet and updating the database.

Each time CMP starts it attempts to contact the Download Station to retrieve an updated list of available assets and to verify your FCT and username status.

If you just want to open CMP to work on content without connecting to the DLS select the following option on the 'Miscellaeous' tab of the settings panel.

The 'Updating Database' message may still flash up but it won't actually attempt to access the DLS.


Telling CMP which numbers to allocate your creations.

Go to the 'Settings' folder and edit 'kuid.txt' in notepad.

Change the kuid number to the first number you wish CMP to allocate. After that, each time it creates something new for you it will automatically increment the number.

Moving built-in content in TRS2006 into TC3.

You may find that content you download from the DLS uses assets which were built-in in TRS2006 but which are not themselves available on the DLS. This should hopefully instruct you how to move those assets across to TC3.

Here's the example we are going to use displayed in TC3 CMP and showing missing dependencies;

Firstly display the list of dependencies to find the kuids of the missing ones;

Once you have the list you need to close TC3 CMP and open your TRS2006 CMP.

In the 'Search' pane change the drop-down to 'Asset KUID' and list the kuids you want in the format.

In our example the kuids listing in the correct format is: <kuid:-1:100608>,<kuid:-1:100598>

Note that it includes the word kuid and each is enclosed by the angle brackets and the list is seperated by commas.

This is the result;

Hit Ctrl-A or hold Ctrl and select each asset.

Then Ctrl-E or right-click and 'Open for Edit'

The hammer and spanner icon will show to indicate they are now open for editing.

Close your TRS2006 CMP and re-open the TC3 CMP.

From the menu select 'File' -> 'Import Content'

In the window which appears navigate to the Editing folder within your TRS2006 install folder... here's mine;

Select the 'Editing' folder as shown and click OK.

The assets will now be installed;

Click 'View in main list' and this is what you should see;

These assets have now been installed into TC3. Make sure the hammer and spanner icon is greyed out. If not you will need to select them and Commit (Ctrl-M).

Let's look at our example asset now.

It no longer has missing dependencies. It does have an error, but in this case it is a simple mis-spelling and is easily fixed. See the Error correcting Guide on the Guides page of this site for help with fixing errors.

Now go close TC3 CMP and go back to the TRS2006 CMP and tidy up by performing a Ctrl-O on the opened assets to revert them to their original state.

Contents of the TRS2006 .ja files

This is a spreadsheet detailing all the assets contained within the .ja files of TRS2006.





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